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At MandsConsultancy, we specialize in comprehensive accounting solutions. With a decade of industry expertise, our Chartered Accountants ensure seamless financial management and compliance for businesses. We offer tailored services to meet diverse needs, fostering long-term growth and success. Trust us to navigate complexities while optimizing your financial strategies.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2019 by two highly experienced Company Secretaries boasting over 9 years of expertise, M&S Consultancy stands as a beacon of excellence in Corporate Compliance, Governance, and Management Consulting. Our founders bring a wealth of knowledge in diverse practices, including the intricate realms of NBFC registration and acquisition, stock exchange listing, Foreign Inward Remittance, and FDI Approvals, along with a keen focus on legal and secretarial compliances. Our foundational commitment revolves around empowering entrepreneurs through the seamless registration and meticulous management of their enterprises. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of corporate compliance, governance, and strategic management, we stand as a beacon for businesses seeking excellence and sustained profitability.

At M&S Consultancy, our mission is clear: to empower entrepreneurs through seamless registration and meticulous management of their enterprises. We take pride in our client-centric approach, tailoring our services to address the unique needs of businesses. Whether guiding through the complexities of NBFC regulations, facilitating stock exchange listings, or navigating the legal intricacies of Foreign Inward Remittance and FDI Approvals, our consultancy is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions. Welcome to M&S Consultancy, where expertise meets dedication, and businesses find a partner committed to ensuring their growth and compliance journey is not only smooth but also strategically sound.

Our Mission:

Our mission at M & S Associates is clear – to foster business growth. We achieve this by crafting robust strategies that not only lead to excellence but also ensure sustained profitability for our clients. We believe in going beyond traditional consulting; we are dedicated to becoming strategic partners in your business journey.

At M & S Associates, our team of seasoned professionals collaborates closely with top-level management and promoters, acting in their best interests. We provide deep insights into business dynamics, offering strategic counsel aimed at developing comprehensive, long-term business strategies. Our expertise extends to facilitating stake sales, acquisitions, and the revival of operational efficiency.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our client-centric approach. We work with dedication to understand the unique challenges and aspirations of each business we serve. Whether guiding startups through the registration process or aiding established businesses in strategic growth, M & S Associates is a trusted partner on the journey to the next level of success.

About the team:

Shivangi Singh ( Co founder )

Isha Malik ( Co founder )

Shivangi Singh ( Co founder ) : Details

It’s evident that Ms. Shivangi Singh is a seasoned and accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the field of Company Secretaryship and corporate advisory. Her diverse expertise spans various crucial areas, contributing significantly to the growth of M&S Associates. Here’s a breakdown of her key accomplishments and areas of proficiency:

Practicing Company Secretary:

With over 9 years of experience, she has honed her skills as a Practicing Company Secretary. This role involves ensuring legal compliance, corporate governance, and providing expert advice on a wide range of matters.

Corporate Advisor:

She has served as a corporate advisor for various reputable corporations. This role typically involves offering strategic guidance on legal and regulatory matters, helping companies navigate complex business landscapes.

Women Independent Director:
She has served on the board of a listed company as a Women Independent Director. This role signifies her contribution to corporate governance and diversity in leadership.

Expertise in Corporate Laws:

Her specialization in Corporate Laws encompasses a broad spectrum, including areas such as Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange & Management Act, Labour, and Industrial Laws.

 Legal and Secretarial Compliances:

Her expertise extends to ensuring legal and secretarial compliances for corporate entities, a critical aspect in maintaining the integrity of business operations.

ESOP Plans, Private Placements, and Right Issues:

She has experience in planning and executing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Private Placements, and Right Issues, demonstrating her proficiency in corporate finance and fundraising.

Foreign Inward Remittance and FDI Approvals:

She has been involved in facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) approvals and managing Foreign Inward Remittance, showcasing her understanding of international business transactions.

NBFC Registration & Acquisition:

Her involvement in NBFC registration, management change, and acquisitions showcases her comprehensive understanding of legal and regulatory processes in the financial and corporate sectors, contributing to the smooth operation and growth of M&S Associates.

NCLT Practitioner:

She has a rich experience as a National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) Practitioner, handling matters related to the revival of struck-off companies and the removal of disqualification of Directors Identification Numbers (DIN) among other issues.

Leadership and Growth:

Through her leadership and efforts, she has steered M&S Associates to new levels of growth and opportunities. Her commitment to advisory and consultancy reflects her dedication to supporting businesses.

In summary, her multifaceted experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in the corporate world, contributing significantly to the success and growth of M&S Associates.

Isha Malik ( Co founder ) : Details

Isha Malik  



Isha Malik is a highly experienced Company Secretary with a specialization in Corporate Laws, Securities Market, and RBI affairs. Her professional journey includes significant contributions to BSE Listed Companies and a reputable management consultancy. Before establishing her own practice, she played a crucial role in overseeing legal, secretarial, and RBI responsibilities for these entities.


With a remarkable career spanning over 9 years, Isha has actively provided advisory services to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations across various industries. Her expertise has been particularly impactful in counseling major players and international clients, with a focus on matters related to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).


Isha’s knowledge extends across Corporate Laws, Capital Markets, FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), Labour, and Industrial Laws. Her proficiency lies in executing intricate structures that not only add optimum value for clients but also effectively shield them from inherent operational and business risks.


Key highlights of Isha Malik’s portfolio include:


> Private Placements:


Isha has demonstrated excellence in managing private placement processes, showcasing her ability to navigate complex financial transactions and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


> Stock Exchange Listings:


Her role in facilitating Stock Exchange listings, including those on MCX, BSE, and NSE, reflects her understanding of the regulatory landscape governing securities markets.


> Formation and Acquisition of NBFCs:


Isha has played a pivotal role in steering the formation and acquisition processes of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). This involves a comprehensive understanding of regulatory frameworks and strategic planning.


In summary, Isha Malik’s extensive experience and adept understanding of diverse legal aspects make her a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of corporate landscapes. Her strategic solutions and proficiency in managing critical matters, especially related to NBFCs, contribute significantly to the success of her clientele.


** Partner at M&S Associates (April 2019 – Present):


> Designation: Partner

Responsibilities: Legal and Management Consultancy with a focus on NBFC Incorporations.

Expertise in NBFC Acquisitions and Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence.

Business Development Manager & Corporate Advisor at Muds Management Consultancy Private Limited (March 2017 – March 2019):


> Designation: Business Development Manager & Corporate Advisor

Responsibilities: Specialized in Legal and Management Consultancy with emphasis on NBFC Incorporations.

Proficient in NBFC Acquisitions and Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence.

Whole Time Company Secretary (June 2014 – Feb 2017):


> Designation: Whole Time Company Secretary

Company: BSE Listed NBFC Company

Also associated with Global Jurix, Law Firm.

Responsibilities: Legal & Secretarial Consultancy, particularly focusing on Listings on Stock Exchanges.

In summary, Isha Malik’s professional journey includes significant roles as a Partner at M&S Associates, Business Development Manager & Corporate Advisor at Muds Management Consultancy Private Limited, and Whole Time Company Secretary for a BSE Listed NBFC Company. Her expertise spans a range of legal and management consultancy areas, with a specific focus on NBFC-related matters, acquisitions, mergers, and stock exchange listings.


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